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I am a 34 year old man recently back from Iraq. I was a reservist activated to a unit 3 states away. Before i left i was a union millwright, proud father, and a soon to be husband. Since returning home i have not been able to get a contract thru the union in over 6 months. I have had mutiple health issues stemming from being activated and having my family move away. Since my insurance is banked on how much i work i have had to pay out of pocket expenses which have left me near broke. I have never had to ask for help before on anything before....just don't know where to turn now.

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 in response to friedapplepie...   well Im respondin to what I have seen since I use to work in law enforcement and seen some of the things they do to they're own. I know there are countries worse. But this country will help others before they take care of they're own. We just need a whole new gov and things might get back to the how the system is suppose to be...
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 in response to michted...   "our gov is the most selfish greedy system in the world" Sorry, I have to "check" you on that comment. We are a long way from being perfect and we are currently going in the wrong direction but we are nowhere near the top of the selfish and greedy list of the world countries. I do understand when we feel like we've been wronged by our government, we tend to exaggerate a bit. :)
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My heart goes out to you, and I fully understand your concern, seems once you guys come home from risking your lives the gov could give a rats butt about you guys, its sad but true, our gov is the most selfish greedy system in the world, who only cares about savin they're own butts.

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The VA hospitals offer some free medical care to veterans, so you may want to check if there are any close enough you can go there.

Also, some free medical care sites are listed here, so you may want to check if any are close enough you can use them:

Some medical schools allow people to volunteer for free medical care from their students, so you may want to check if any are close enough to try.

Sorry I can't offer any more direct help for your financial problems.

from someone a few miles from an army base

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If you choose to help me god bless you. I have a pay pal account email is . If you do please leave me your address so i can send you a thank you.

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